NAMMT Membership Student
NAMMT Membership Form pdf version

Full Member

Membership is open to all holders of ITEC Level 3+ Massage -trained to GCMT National Occupational Standard (or equivalent qualification). Hours needed can be found on GCMT website  (approximately 350 hours needed) Full membership is divided into two sections, mainly for the guidance of the public.

Basic Qualification Diploma in Massage Therapy – Post- nominal/ designatory letters: NAMMT(MassTh)

Basic Qualification Diploma in Remedial Massage – Post- nominal/ designatory letters: NAMMT(RM)

Individual Annual Fee: £45.00

Student Member

Membership is open to all students studying ITEC Level 3+ Massage and is free to join.

Honorary Member

This level of membership will be awarded by NAMMT to members who have devoted their time and energies to the massage profession, to the association or who have demonstrated in other ways their dedication and excellence and have made a significant contribution to the enhancement of massage and manipulative therapy.

Post-nominal/designatory letters: NAMMT (Hon)

Annual Fee: No charge for Honorary member

General Secretary – Dianne Richardson, 24 Mount Street, Derby, Derbyshire. DE1 2HH Telephone 01332 349493